Tuesday, February 24, 2009

4th By-Election for 2009

Dublin Untini passed away today, making way for another by-election for this year. With the number of recent deaths among Wakil Rakyat due to health reasons, perhaps it's valid to ponder whether most were fit for duty and whether health screening is something that should be considered.

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bats said...

may the man rest in peace.

on to the issue, it's either health checks or review the number of wakil's actually needed.

while they're at it, look at the countless ministries as well. bloody waste of money if you ask me.

today, DPM hinted that "to speed up stuff" only projects worth more that 500K will be called for tender, as opposed to the old 200K.

now how can such a sound, tranparent process like the awarding of projects ever be abused? yee-ha!!!