Tuesday, July 28, 2009

PM's Key Result Areas

Dato' Seri Najib has identified key areas of interest in rejuvenating public confidence. The National Key Result Areas such as crime rate reduction and public transportation improvement reflect PM's acknowledgement to the grouses of the people including Sabahans and Sarawakians who do not enjoy basic amenities.

The expansion plan for LRT has yet to reappear in the news. Building new expressways to do not ease traffic congestion. The only solution is to increase the coverage of trains to the city center.

Crime rate hike has been alarming. Snatch thefts and break-ins are rampant, a clear indication of recession. What is the best short-term solution? Maybe the Home Minister could study the use of RELA to aid PDRM in patrolling housing areas and city centers. Housing communities should also get organized and procure security services.

For major infrastructural projects, the problem lies with the execution and co-ordination by multiple agencies and ministries and perhaps money to finance these monumental endeavors. The government would have to figure out how to funds these without putting pressure on money supply and inviting inflation, especially during these troubling times.

Perhaps our very first nuclear power plant could be installed in Sabah/Sarawak.

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