Sunday, June 7, 2009

Our Education System

Much have been said about the state of education in this country, likewise everywhere in the world. Education, besides the economy, are the two most essential ingredients for growth.

Our country remains the most unique state in the world with 5 education systems fighting tooth and nail for federal funds. The recent propensity of uniting the differing platforms have been severely opposed by many quarters on the basis of conserving "culture". The policy of enhancing our kids' fluency in Math and Science via English medium has also met with equal if not more opposition.

Theoretically, market would dictate that the best teachers would veer to the best paid institutions. Naturally, private schools are becoming increasingly popular especially among young, urban parents. The chinese are also known to save every penny necessary to put their kids through private system, regardless of job functions and affordability. The chinese public schools are also known to have massive external donations. This is unlike the sekolah kebangsaan system. That says enough about the merits of sending our kids to the public domain.

Although the US could boasts of their Ivy League schools and cutting-edge universities in research, faculty strength and ties with corporations, the public school system requires massive overhaul. This is acknowledged by all. The degradation of mathematical capabilities of high school students, for example, has reached worrying state. The US is not resting on their laurels. We should not either.

Putting a cap on SPM subjects is a good start. The quality of teachers must also be addressed, regardless of whether political mileage might be affected. Ideally, the nation must reach a unified education system eventually. Reaching that stage would already be a giant step for this small country.

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