Monday, April 28, 2008

Malaysia's first well

Grand Old Lady is the first oil well drilled in Malaysia. She was completed in 1910 and produced a total of 600,000 barrels at a 5 barrels per day rate. She was a mere vertical well (nowadays wells can be drilled directionally up to 100 deg!) and I have yet to receive confirmation about the depth of the well and method of completion. Would be interesting to find out!


bats said...

hehe.. drillin away, eh mate? of all the possible names under the sun, you had to pick a porn star alias didn't ya? haha.

good on ya bro. sure to drop by an komen. considering i know next to nothing about your industry, i'll look to you for some good insight.

all the best.

Stupe said...

TUh jual minyak ular la bro kat miri tuh. :P